District Of Columbia Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Day Trips From Washington, D.C.

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. It’s is only a short distance from the Capital City of the United States. Transportation from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore MD is convenient, affordable and easy to use. Due to this fact, Baltimore Maryland day trips from Washington, D.C., are a great idea for any visitor to Washington, D.C., who is looking for a change of scenery.

Baltimore is one of America's most historic cities. David Jones began settlement in the area in 1661, and a port opened in 1706 to ship tobacco. The city was not officially founded until 1729. It takes its name from the British Lord Baltimore, who was the first governor of Maryland. The city grew rapidly and was soon one of the largest cities on the East Coast. The Continental Congress used the city in 1776 and 1777, when fighting during the American Revolution caused them to relocate from Philadelphia.

What are the top attractions in Baltimore? Baltimore boasts an incredibly diverse population, and you will find that it is a great place to enjoy African-American culture. The Great Blacks in Wax Museum showcases many important black figures from American history. Visitors can enjoy jazz music while strolling by the lovely harbor. Nature lovers looking for something special will enjoy the National Aquarium and the Maryland Zoo.        

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