District Of Columbia Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Day Trips from Washington D.C.

Colonial Williamsburg Day trips from Washington, D.C., are a perfect addition to a historical and fun vacation. Everyone will enjoy stepping into the past when they enter a day of history in the authentic environment created here. The trip from D.C. to Colonial Williamsburg is about two hours and forty-five minutes. The interstate drive is busy. Another option is to take the train.

Colonial Williamsburg is an action packed day. The reasons to visit includes experiencing what it must have been like during this period of time. You’ll see a day in the life and have fun interacting with people dressed as they would have been during the colonial era. You’ll also see little shops and historical homes set just as they would have been during this notable period in American history. You’ll see how the food was grown and prepared. Visitors also will be able to see  people enact each chore and job as it was done in the past; making every aspect of the day an enlightening trip full of new knowledge.

The enjoyment is enhanced with shows and enactments that you are able to participate in such as the day in court.

The grand finale at the end of the day includes shooting a cannon. You will want to drink in everything the trip has to offer you. Eat, shop and play to experience the full day in amazing Colonial Williamsburg.

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