District Of Columbia Diverse Nightlife

Washington, D.C. - Diverse Nightlife

One of the best aspects of the Capital City is amazing diversity you’ll find here. The city is home to rich and powerful politicians, wealthy foreigners, immigrants, a thriving gay and lesbian community and many others. The Washington, D.C., nightlife truly has something to offer most everybody from those who want a hip club to dance to techno beats to those who prefer a more upscale ambiance with a great glass of red wine.

Washington, D.C., Diverse Nightlife

To get a taste of some of the most interesting aspects of the Washington, D.C., night life check out the clubs in Dupont Circle. These are some of the most established, and there’s a diverse scene here. Certainly, Dupont Circle is considered one of the most eclectic when it comes to clubs here. Cobalt Nightclub caters to gays and lesbians with a martini bar atmosphere. The Fab Lounge is a more laid-back spot for the gay crowd. Cafe Citron is a two-level spot for salsa music. Buffalo Billiards is known for its bar food and pool playing.

Georgetown is another spot with a diversity of offerings. You can find classy wine bars here and great pubs with amazing beer on tap. The Rhino Bar & Pump House is set in the heart of Georgetown and is highly regarded for its sports bar atmosphere. Chadwick’s in Georgetown boasts daily happy hours (even on the weekends!) with cheap beer and 50 cent wings. On Tuesdays, Chadwick’s runs happy hour specials from 4 p.m. until last call!

No matter what you like - a martini in a sleek gay bar or a beer in a Georgetown pub - there’s something for all in the diverse nightlife of Washington, D.C.

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