District Of Columbia Dupont Circle

Washington, D.C. - Dupont Circle

The Washington, D.C., Dupont Circle is located in Washington's historic downtown area and encompasses a traffic circle at its center, a park, residential area, and historic district. Dupont Circle has changed a lot over the years, from a location for slaughterhouses to marble statues and exotic flowers to its now trendy mainstream vibe with coffee houses and farmers markets. The one thing that has remained the same is that the whole neighborhood is centered around its traffic circle in the middle of town. A very popular hotel is the Courtyard Washington, D.C., Dupont Circle.

Some of the events that have continued to place Dupont Circle on the map is its Capital Pride event. The Capital Pride event is an annual LGBT festival that is held every June and runs through the streets of Dupont Circle. Another annual event is the High Heel Race, in which dozens of drag queens race down three blocks of the street in full costume attire. Even though the event itself only lasts a few minutes the celebration and festivities take place all day and end later in the evening with the race being the final event. Both of these annual events not only attract a lot of participants, but also interested spectators.

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