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Washington, D.C. - Ethnic Food

Washington, D.C., ethnic food boasts a wide variety of flavors and styles of food. In fact, many feel that some of the highlights of Washington, D.C. best food are showcased in ethnic cuisine. You can basically find anything you want here - from African to Chinese and Middle Eastern to Italian. Local observers point out the only two styles truly lacking here are Southeast Asian and Korean. Yet, that’s not very much when compared with the abundance of great Washington, D.C., food found at the variety of ethnic establishments here.

Great ethnic eats are found all across the city. One hot spot that attracts many is Little Ethiopia, where people flock to enjoy the pleasure that is authentic Ethiopian food. Chinatown is another spot that people go to get a taste of real Chinese food, but some say one problem with Chinatown is that it seems to sadly be disappearing.

There are other spots where you can find good ethnic food. One source of this diverse cornucopia of tastes is found on the many food trucks in Washington, D.C. These roving restaurants travel around and stop off at different locations. One great thing about the food trucks is they do move around so you may be surprised at what you stumble across! A good way to track these food truck is online: http://foodtruckfiesta.com/food-trucks-washington-dc/. There are food trucks dishing up great kabobs, tacos, Vietnamese pho and so much more.

There are many gems to be found when sampling some of the region’s best in ethnic cuisine. One great way to find a good spot is to check out the local crowd eating there. For example, if you see a lot Indians at an Indian food spot, it may be just the spot to try! One of the best ways to locate hidden gems in new cities is online. Yelp.com is a spot to read user-driven reviews of local gems, including ethnic food restaurants.

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