District Of Columbia Fine Dining

Washington, D.C. - Fine Dining

Just a few years ago, the restaurant scene in the Capital City was considered rather pedestrian. Times have changed. Washington, D.C., fine dining is upscale, and many spots have prices to match. Yet, you will get what you pay for with fine dining D.C., as long as you do your research ahead of time and make your reservations early.

Fine dining in D.C. has certainly become a spot to see and be seen given the increased awareness of some local hotspots. One thing to think about with these upscale restaurants is that many are quite trendy and popular. Do consider calling far in advance to secure your reservation and book a table. You may feel left out in the cold otherwise, as this city is known for long waits at happening spots.

A number of upscale D.C. restaurants have earned high accolades and award-winning status. You can even find celebrity chef restaurants in D.C. that are highly rated by Zagats. Some celebrity chef spots include Eric Ripert’s West End Bistro, Art Smith’s Art and Soul and Bryan Voltaggio's Volt - just to name a few of the dozens upon dozens.   

You’ll find a large number of fine dining spots concentrated in downtown. Look for these spots on the West End and the East End of the National Mall. Other spots for fine dining are Georgetown and Dupont Circle. You can find amazing spots here such as steak houses that cater to the rich and powerful. Don’t be surprised to see lots of suits and lobbyists who descend on these spots to wine and dine. You can expect to pay upwards of $120 per person at some of the best spots in D.C.

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