District Of Columbia Jefferson Memorial

Washington, D.C. - Jefferson Memorial

As the third president of the United States and one of America’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson has kept watch on the White House from Jefferson Memorial Washington, D.C., since 1943. This structure gets its design from the Roman Pantheon, and it sits on the edge of the Tidal Basin which is between the Potomac River and the Washington Channel. The 19-foot bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson stands gallantly amidst the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial Washington, D.C., along with excerpts from his most famous work, The Declaration of Independence.

Rudolph Evans was commissioned in 1941 to create the likeness of Jefferson. Due to restrictions placed on metal during World War II, the original statue of Jefferson in Washington, D.C. Jefferson Memorial was a painted, plaster sculpture made to resemble bronze. It was replaced in 1947 with the bronze statue that is present there today.

Approximately 800,000 sightseers and enthusiasts visit the memorial every year. Many of the monuments in the city are much taller in stature than may others imagine. Do not overlook its crucial significance while touring Washington, D.C. The Jefferson Memorial is not only architectural artistry, but it is a tribute to the mindset of an essential figure in United States history - Thomas Jefferson.

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