District Of Columbia New York City

NYC Day Trips from Washington, D.C.

Taking the train into the beautiful Penn Station in New York City, is the most cost effective way to experience NYC day trips from Washington, D.C. It is too difficult to find parking and fight everyday traffic in New York City if one is considering a drive there.

Visitors can park their car at any of the train pick-ups before boarding the train for New York City. When in New York City, the best way to see sights is by foot or by using the transit system. Do wear comfortable shoes for the day. Other ways one can see NYC are by bus or taxi.

Some of the landmarks and attractions that must be seen in New York City are Times Square Garden, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Everyone should pay homage to our 911 site at least once. Museums are wonderful to fit in to your trip, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Of course, New York City is known for its world-class shopping. The city also has a bevy of truly oustanding restaurants.

For a relaxing and refreshing time, catch a boat excursion around the Statue of Liberty. One can visit art galleries, go on guided tours to endless attractions, catch a Broadway show, and even be part of a live audience on a national TV show. If you want a real thrill, book a helicopter ride and view the Big Apple from the sky.

Washington, D.C., to NYC trips is well worth the time in any season.

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