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Washington, D.C. - Parks

Believe it or not, over a quarter of the land in Washington, D.C., is considered part of a national park. Plus, there are Washington, D.C., parks that are held by the Washington, D.C., Department of Parks and Recreation. These along with the private parks and other open lands give visitors so many options for parks in Washington, D.C.

One top spot is Potomac Park, which spans an impressive 720 acres. There are both West and East Potomac Parks. Here, you’ll also find the spot known as Tidal Basin, which is home to the famous cherry trees honored during the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

West Potomac Park includes some beautiful and special spots. This collection includes the Constitution Gardens plus numerous memorials. These memorials include those for Vietnam, Korea, Lincoln, Jefferson, World War II and FDR. You’ll also find the Reflecting Pool here. This spot has lovely gardens, flower and even ball fields.

The East Potomac Park includes spots for picnicking, tennis courts, three golf courses and a pool. You can also find a variety of nice paths here for bicycles and hiking.

Rock Creek Park is a valley that spans 1,750 acres. It stretches 12 miles all the way to the border of Maryland from the Potomac River. There are some more urban areas, but some area of this vast park remain quite wild with many animals and creatures from coyotes to raccoons to beavers. One area of the park is not far from the Kennedy Center and the National Zoo. This southern area of Rock Creek Park is one spot many tourists are familiar with. Check out the less traveled areas of Rock Creek Park for a taste of nature.

Rock Creek Park also is home to the oldest building still standing in the city. The Old Stone House dates back to 1765. The Old Stone House is in Georgetown, and it’s considered part of the park. Another popular place in Rock Creek Park also is in Georgetown. This is area is called Montrose Park, but it’s considered part of Rock Creek Park. It has tennis courts and is very family friendly.

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