District Of Columbia Schools And Higher Education

Washington, D.C. - Schools and Higher Education

There are hundreds of Washington, D.C., schools from public to private, and there’s also are a wide variety of higher education choices here.

The Washington, D.C., school district is the District of Columbia Public Schools. It operates over 120 public schools in the District of Columbia. The school system has just over 46,000 students. However, it’s worth noting that the number of students here has been decreasing over the last four decades or so. Recent developments in the public schools here have included many efforts to improve the education.

There also are over 50 charter schools that are public within the city. The number of students in the city’s charter schools has been on the rise. The city’s charter schools have about 32,000 students.

Those seeking private schools will find numerous choices. The city is home to nearly 100 private schools that educate about 18,000 students.

There also are many higher education choices in Washington, D.C. This area is home to many notable schools such as American University, Georgetown University, Howard University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

The city also has many highly regarded medical schools at George Washington University, Georgetown and Howard

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