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Washington, D.C. - United States Capitol

The United States Capitol building is a beautiful example of architectural work. This Washington, D.C., spot has an interesting history and remains a top tourist spot. This amazing building sits off the National Mall in the area known as Capitol Hill. It is located on the East End of the Mall.

The Washington, D.C., Capitol is the home of the U.S. Congress, which is the legislature for the federal government. Not only is this magnificent building the cornerstone of the nation’s government, it also has a great deal of symbolic importance. Starting in 1793, the Washington,, D.C., Capitol has seen its fair share of construction work over the years.

History of the Washington, D.C., United States Capitol

The building itself is set in a style of neoclassical architecture from the 19th Century. Originally, Pierre Charles L’Enfant was supposed to design the building, but he was fired from the job in 1792 after fighting with the Commissioners of the Federal Buildings. Instead, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington decided to have a competition in which they would give the winner $500 and a plot of land to the person who came up with the winning design for the building. In fact, they didn’t like any of the entries. Eventually the design overseen by a variety of architects who were all dismissed for various reasons. In later years, the building underwent expansions to help accommodate the scale of activity taking place here.

The building has been a part of a number of historical events, such as the time the British tried to burn it down during the War of 1812. A heavy rain prevented the total destruction.

Visiting the Capitol

Today, tours of the Capitol building are quite popular. All of the tours are free, but it’s required that you book your space ahead of time. You can do it online: http://www.visitthecapitol.gov/visit/book_a_tour/index.html. There are a number of prohibited items on the tours, such as food and beverages. Details on booking a visit are found here: http://www.visitthecapitol.gov/

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