District Of Columbia Best Time To Travel

Washington, D.C. - Best Time to Travel

Washington, D.C., is a great city all year long, but visitors may find there are some best times to visit Washington, D.C., when compared with other times of the year. The most appropriate time for a visit depends on numerous personal factors that vary for each person, including budget, tolerance for large crowds, ability to deal with hot and muggy weather or aversion to cold.

One of the most popular times of year for Washington, D.C., travel is, without a doubt, spring. Many consider this the best time to visit D.C. The city is abloom in color with flowers and gardens. This is the time of year that the National Cherry Blossom Festival is held. This famous event takes place when the renowned cherry trees bloom, which varies every year from late March to early April. The city also is filled with numerous events and festivals in the spring, such as the White House Easter Egg Roll, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Washington International Film Festival, Passport DC, the Memorial Day Parade, the DC Jazz Festival and Capital Pride, just to name a few. The weather in the Capital City is in its prime in spring. The drawbacks for spring travel include the fact that hotel rates can be higher due to the season’s popularity. Spring also is a hot time for large groups to come to the city. Don’t be surprised to see massive groups of kids here on field trips.

Summer weather in Washington, D.C., is known for being hot and muggy. The weather can be a drawback for visiting during this time, but those who do come here during summer will find some of the cheapest hotel rates. Additionally, the city tends to clear out during the summer, as locals head out on their own vacations.

Wintertime in Washington, D.C., is quite beautiful with holiday events and cheer. Cold weather and possible snow are factors for travel during this time.

Fall is known as a prime time for visitors to come to the District of Columbia. Two prime reasons for a fall visit are viewing the beautiful fall colors in the area. By autumn, the summer crowds are gone, as families head home for another school year.

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