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Washington, D.C. - Climate

The Washington, D.C., climate has four distinct seasons. Spring and fall can be warm, while winter can bring snow with it. Summers tend to be muggy with humidity levels hovering around 66 percent. Summer weather in Washington, D.C., is known for rains with thunder and occasional tornadoes..

One simple way to find out about the weather is to search online for the term, “climate Washington, D.C.” This generally yields good information, while many people rely on their smartphones for weather data. Either will produce trustworthy results.

In the winter, this area is known to get blizzards roughly every five or six years. Many have heard the term “nor’easters,” which are rough storms that impact Washington, D.C, and other places along the East Coast.

Here’s a look at the seasons:

Fall: The weather is warm with cool evenings. This can be a good time to visit to enjoy the marvelous fall colors that showcase brilliant colors. Another reason to visit at this time is the fact that the droves of tourists have somewhat started to dissipate.

Winter: Winters can be cold here, and the weather often changes quickly. There can be ice storms, snow and then sunny days with warm temperatures. This is a time known for unpredictability and great change.

Spring: Washington, D.C., is well known for the Cherry Blossom Festival that takes place every spring here. The timing ranges from late March to early April. Spring here can bring lots of showers and wind, while the weather tends to calm down once May arrives. Spring is a popular time for visitors, including school groups.

Summer: The summer months in Washington, D.C., are known for being hot and muggy. July and August seem to be the worst of it. One issue for tourists who are relying on air conditioning to bear in mind is that most of the outdoor monuments, memorials and tours focus on being outdoors. It’s advised to drink plenty of fluids and try to seek shade whenever possible. Hats, sunscreen and frequent breaks are a must. If you do decide to come for a visit during the summer, you’ll find some of the best hotel rates.

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