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Washington, D.C. - Culture

The Washington, D.C., culture has a long and rich history rooted in the significance of the the capital of the United States of America. This area is a popular one for tourists to explore, given the many museums, monuments and things to do. Washington, D.C., events include art, local culture, food and so much more.

One prime influencing factor within Washington, D.C., is the rich heritage of African-Americans here. The District of Columbia has had a major black population since inception, and it remains a hub of African-American culture and a prime spot in the Civil Rights Movement.

Some top cultural events in Washington, D.C., include the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Filmfest D.C., White House Easter Egg Roll, Memorial Day Ceremonies, Independence Day and so many more. Truly, Washington, D.C., is a mecca for events and things to do.

The culture of Washington, D.C., also is embodied within the vast cultural spots, museums and monuments here. One top cultural attraction are the museums of the Smithsonian. This amazing spot encompasses a total of 19 museums, nine research centers and is the biggest museum and research complex on the globe. The treasures include the National Zoo, the Air and Space Museum and the African Art Museum, among many others.

If you are looking for ways to explore culture here, check out CultureCapital, which is maintained by the Cultural Alliance for Greater Washington. This online calendar at http://www.culturecapital.com/ includes music, art, tours, dance, theater, family friendly events and more.

Beyond the cultural attractions, Washington, D.C., has a culture rooted in both Northern and Southern histories and cultures. This is reflected in the food, music and people who live here.

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