District Of Columbia Demographics

Demographic of District of Columbia

The District of Columbia is an extremely populous area, ranking the 7th largest in the nation at around 619,371 people. Despite only taking up 39 square miles, it manages to outrank Wyoming in terms of residents. Washington D.C. is culturally diverse and has a high African American population comprising 50.7 percent of the city. According to the demographics D.C. has always been home to a large African American population since its early years. Caucasians make up around 39 percent of the population, while Hispanics account for 9.1 percent and Asians comprise about 3.5 percent.

District of Columbia is a youthful and vibrant city. The median age of its residents is 34 years old, which is younger than the other 50 states on average. There is also a significant immigrant population, estimating at about 85,229 people coming from all around the world. The majority of these immigrants, 44.8 percent of them, come from Latin America, 18.5 percent come from Asia, with Europe a close third at 18.2 percent. Also, 90.8 percent of these immigrants entered the U.S. before 2010, 37.2 percent of residents were born in Washington D.C., while 13.8 percent are foreign born. Only 84.2 percent speak English at home, whereas 15.8 percent speak a different language and 4.8 percent of residents indicate that they speak English at only a functional level.

According to the 2013 US Census, the average household income of D.C. is $65,830, with 18.6 percent of people living under the poverty line and included in that number is 14.8 percent of families, with 11.9 percent making an income of $200,000 a year or higher. The median income for full-time male workers in $67,487, while female workers earn $60,383 on average. Unemployment is at about 11 percent, or 37,351 people. Most living in the District of Columbia are highly educated, with 88.4 percent of D.C. residents having graduated high school, 52.4 percent having a bachelor's degree or higher and 29.7 percent have a graduate or professional degree. This is most likely correlated with the presence of George Washington University, known as one of the most politically active schools in the nation. Its students also go on to hold positions in the United States government. For additional information on District of Columbia and what to see and do in the city, visit www.districtofcolumbia.com.

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