District Of Columbia Getting Around

How to Get Around: A District of Columbia Guide to Transportation

Individuals who reside in or are lucky enough to visit the District of Columbia have many choices in public forms of transportation which help getting around the city much easier. To find much needed information about the District of Columbia, the best forms of travel, a comprehensive city directory and a list of great things to do, visit www.districtofcolumbia.com any time.

For mass transit, the city features the DC Circulator which is the main bus line for the area. This bus service runs on a tight schedule, is available Monday through Friday with service beginning at 6 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. and is one of the cheaper forms of transportation.

When weather permits, walking is a great way to get around, especially in some of the tourist areas but sometimes bikes are a great transportation alternative, too. Bikes are a pretty common form of transportation when the weather is decent. There are several bike lanes in the city that offer individuals a safer router for riding to their destination. Owning a bike is not a necessity in order to ride one in the city as it has a Capital Bikeshare program which allows access to bicycles at any time and on any day.

Taking a taxi to a destination within the city is another transportation option in the District of Columbia. Cabs are found in abundance and can take individuals to nearly any destination. DCTaxiOnline has a 24-hour taxi dispatch service that utilizes 16 different Washington D.C. area taxi companies. You are ensured to find a ride quickly and there is even a phone app for the online service.

If you are looking for something economical and convenient, Uber can be used to find a ride to a specific destination and sometimes it has lower fare prices than taxi companies do. To use this option one would download the app on a smart phone and enter your location and destination. Regardless of where you are at the time, there is typically a driver in the vicinity. The app takes credit and debit card information ahead of time and you don’t need to have cash available for your Uber ride.

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