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Washington, D.C., is filled to the brim with amazing museums that have earned world-class status for their offerings and breathtaking collections. The Smithsonian Institution alone has 19 museums plus the National Zoo. Washington, D.C., museums are vast, diverse and interesting. There are numerous spots that showcase history and there also are Washington, D.C., art museums worth checking out, such as the African Art Museum.

Here’s a look at some of the very best:

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

This is probably one of the most popular museum spots in the whole city. Seeing everything here would take more than one visit. One special standout are the dinosaur artifacts, which delight children of all ages. Sant Ocean Hall is also a great spot to explore. This museum also has an IMAX theater to enjoy. The best time to visit this museum is when it first opens. The Discovery Room is great for kids who like to touch, feel and explore.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

This is another great family museum. You’ll be able to explore the interesting world of space travel through a variety of exhibits. This museum has many original artifacts, such as the command module from Apollo 11. This museum also has a Planetarium and an IMAX theater that will wow visitors of all ages. Get here early to avoid the crowds.

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

This special spot honors the millions of people who were killed under the rule of the Nazis in Germany during WW II. The museum showcases the histories and brutal treatment of the Jews and other persecuted groups during the Nazi rule, such as the disabled, gays and lesbians, Roma and Jehovah's Witnesses. The museum tells the story of this massive genocide during World War II. Many of the exhibits here are not suitable for children under 11 due to the facts presented. The museum does offer a special exhibit better suited to children under 8 years old.


This is a special spot for those who enjoy media. Hot attractions here include the photo gallery of Pulitzer Prize winners, front pages from the day’s news and a 9/11 gallery. This museum has six stories and embraces high-technology to present the offerings to visitors.

Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

This spot actually is outside of Washington, D.C, but it’s worth checking out. This was the home to the nation’s first president, George Washington. This special estate is set along the Potomac River. It’s decorated just like it would have been during the days when Washington lived here. This spot also has an education center that gives special insight on the life of Washington.

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