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Washington, D.C. - Smithsonian

The Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution is one of the best known museum complexes in the entire world. The Smithsonian is actually also a complex for education and research, as well. It is overseen and funded by the U.S. government along with funds from the endowment, donations and money made at retail locations and more.

The Smithsonian museum Washington, D.C., has a total of 19 museums and a zoo. There also are nine research centers in Washington, D.C., along with others in Arizona, New York City and elsewhere. Many of the museums in Washington, D.C., are located along the two-mile stretch known as the National Mall.

The collection of this grand treasures includes more than 137 million items. This vast collection includes cultural artifacts, historical objects and so much more. The massive collection of the Smithsonian is truly mind boggling.

In fact, the Smithsonian also publishes two magazines in addition to its other works. The Smithsonian Magazine and Air & Space magazine are known for their fascinating articles.

Given that the Smithsonian is the biggest complex of museums in the world, it would take a very long time to view it all. However, there are a number of the most popular museums that most people try to view while in Washington, D.C. These include the Air & Space Museum, the Natural History Museum and the National Zoo. Many of the buildings that house the Smithsonian are truly amazing.

One architectural highlight is known as the Smithsonian Castle, or more formally the Smithsonian Institution Building. This spot houses the Smithsonian Information Center and has the offices for the administration.

Most museums are open from 10 am to 5 or 5:30 pm, and admission is free. Hours can vary, so do check ahead.

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