• Dateline-Somewhere in the East China Sea. Spending the last few weeks cruising from Japan to Korea to China, one must wonder if all the checkpoints, screenings, interrogations and steely gazes are making us safer or chipping away at our freedoms....Read More
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  • I took a course in college called “Campaign Politics and Dirty Tricks.” In 1956, opponents of candidate Adlai Stevenson held up a large envelope and said : “HERE is ALL the truth on Adlai Stevenson who wants to be President!” The crowd got all riled up. Yeah! Yeah. Well, inside the envelope WAS the truth. His birth certificate, his HS record, a copy of a deed to his house etc. But it was the way it was spun. It was NOT fake news but it was nuanced. ...Read More
  • Life sucks on so many levels. They say, if we put all of our troubles in a sack and picked one out, we would wish for our own troubles, no one elses. Fact is, we did not have that conversation. But if we had, we’d get a glimpse into other people’s lives. Thankful for what we had, anger at what we have lost. ...Read More

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