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Advocating for the Invisibles: Defending Migrants’ Rights at the U.S.-Mexico Border and Beyond

In recent years, a significant number of the hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border have been unaccompanied children and family units fleeing violence and persecution in Central America who seek protection in the United States. Others attempt to cross the U.S. border’s harsh terrain undetected in the hope of a better life or to reunite with their family and live a place they consider home. It is a dangerous journey for all. Maureen Meyer will present information about efforts to seek justice for the widespread crimes and abuses against migrants in transit through Mexico and to denounce practices by U.S. Border Patrol and other agencies that put migrants at risk at the border.

Maureen Meyer directs Washington Office on Latin America's Mexico program with a special focus on analyzing U.S.-Mexico security policies and their relation to organized crime-related violence, corruption, and human rights violations in Mexico. She promotes justice for human rights violations in Mexico and also carries out advocacy work regarding U.S. security assistance to Mexico. As part of the program she co-directs WOLA's work on border security and migration and advocates for greater protections for migrants in transit through Mexico and in U.S. borderlands.

The Exploring Social Justice Series, a program cosponsored by the American University Library, the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, and the Kay Spiritual Life Center, brings to campus exemplary leaders from diverse backgrounds who have advocated for various human rights and social justice issues.

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  • When: Wed Feb. 21
    11:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • Address: 4400 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest
    Washington DC,US 20016

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