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HERE, the (improvised) Musical is one of Chicago’s most lauded shows presenting the original two-person improvised musical. Chicago Tribune Critic-Recommended and called “Nothing Short of Genius” by NPR, this show has been brought to 18 countries and 50 cities worldwide.

In HERE, Tara and Rance get one suggestion to create theme through an opening number, design characters and storylines inspired by that theme, and effortlessly weave the strings together to discover one piece.

Funny, beautiful, and charming, HERE “has shown something new and amazing is possible in improvisation” and has been called groundbreaking by audiences around the globe.

Platinium sponsor: MZ Capital Management; Gold sponsor: Handler & Levine, Digital Infuzion; Silver sponsor: Heiserman Young, Apex Home Loans.

  • When: Fri Jan. 19
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

  • Address: 4908 Auburn Avenue
    Bethesda MD,US 20814

  • Web: Visit Website