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Due to overwhelming demand, this Washington, DC event is SOLD OUT. We would hate for you to miss it, so please consider attending our afternoon event with Ernestine Shepherd in Bethesda here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-girls-lift-2018-kick-off-feat-special-guest-ernestine-shepherd-north-bethesda-tickets-39941140025 or joining our waiting list for the DC event. Joining the waiting list offers no guarantees that spaces will be available. If enough people join the DC waitlist, we will create a second DC session.

Start off 2018 with all the tools, motivation, and resources you need to start a successful weightlifting program!

During this two-part event, Ernestine Shepherd will provide motivation and tips for starting and maintaining a successful weightlifting program. She will then lead the group through some weightlifting exercises while
demonstrating proper technique and form.

The format of this work-out is circuit training. Participants will rotate to stations and will work through weightlifting exercises with the assigned trainer.

You can take photograph with Ernestine Shepherd at an additional charge.

LOCATION: There will be a morning session (10AM-12PM) and afternoon session (2PM-4PM) at the locations listed below:

Morning Session (10AM-12PM):
1722 I Street NW, Washington, DC 20006
REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-girls-lift-2018-kick-off-feat-special-guest-ernestine-shepherd-tickets-39941092884 (You are currently using this link.)

Afternoon Session (2PM-4PM):
12077 Nebel Street, North Bethesda, MD 20852
REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-girls-lift-2018-kick-off-feat-special-guest-ernestine-shepherd-tickets-39941140025

The morning and afternoon sessions are IDENTICAL. Please only register for one session!

FREE PARKING: DC Location: There is a garage across the street from the 202Strong DC location. Show your paid ticket to the attendant, and you will be given access to free parking in the garage. Bethesda Location: There is an open parking lot and there will be no attendant.

METRO ACCESSIBILITY: The closest metro station for each location is listed below.

Morning Session (10AM-12PM) - DC Closest Metro Stataion: West Farragut (Orange, Silver, Blue); Afternoon Session (2PM-4PM) - North Bethesda Closest Metro Stataion: White Flint (Red)



All fitness levels & ages are welcome.

Space is limited. Secure your spot today!


Ernestine Shepherd is a fitness guru in her own right whose mantra for the past 25 years has been “Determined, Dedicated, Disciplined – To be fit for life.” She believes that it is never too late to become physically fit.

At the age of 56, she began working out at Coppin State College with her sister. The story goes that she and her sister were displeased with how they looked in swim suits and decided to do something about it. They began to train vigorously but unfortunately, her sister succumbed to a brain aneurysm. However, Ernestine Shepherd decided to work even harder and vowed to carry on in her sister’s memory.

Now at age 81 Ernestine Shepherd has been married for 61 years and is the mother of a 59-year-old son, and has a 20-year-old-grandson.

Ernestine Shepherd is truly an inspiration to all who meet her. Her fashion is above reproach. She is easily recognized by her gray, pushed-back hair, with a long braid extending down her back, not to mention her colorful outfits embossed with her mantra, and decorative high heel tennis shoes.

Two of her favorite songs are, “Here I Am Lord,” and “This Little Light of Mine.” Her “little light” is her energy and eagerness to take time out from her busy schedule to hold classes for seniors at her church, various community organizations, and particularly at the Energy Wellness and Fitness Center. Her favorite Bible verses are 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 and the 23rd Psalm. Ernestine Shepherd strongly believes that it is extremely important that Christians actively live out their faith. When life is good, human faith is up. When life is gloomy, human faith disappears. Faith endures all trials and tribulations, and there is no other choice but to succeed.

Overall, her most inspirational song is “One Moment in Time,” by Whitney Houston. To paraphrase the song, Mrs. Shepherd says, “Life is a race against destiny, but we are all given that one moment in time to be the best that we can be.”


-Guinness World Records Winner as “Oldest Female Bodybuilder”, received award in Rome, Italy March 2010. Also, featured in “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” book as Granny’s Six-pack

-Television: Oprah, Steve Harvey’s (Forever Young), Dr. Oz, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, CNN, ABC News Good Morning America Show, Inside Edition, 700 Club and The Mo’Nique Show.

-Model in numerous fashion shows.

-Competes in seven 5K, 10K and marathon runs coming in first place for age group.

-Featured in Essence Magazine, Jet and Ebony Magazines.

-Motivational speaker for various organizations citing the benefits of healthy living and being physically fit.

  • When: Sun Jan. 14
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • Address: 1722 I Street NW
    Washington DC,US 20006

  • Web: Visit Website