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How many times have we heard “I’m just no good at math!”? The truth is that “being good” at math means honoring the process vs. pushing fast to get to the answer. However, many students struggle with the four best practices that are goals for all mathematicians. Good mathematicians learn to:

  1. Persevere through problem solving
  2. Check answers using different methods
  3. Plan how to solve a problem vs. jumping into a solution
  4. Justify answers and communicate with others

During this workshop, we will focus on how to use a growth mindset to shift our goal from “get it done fast” to “honor the process” as well as teach tools and strategies that students can use to work through challenging problems and reduce anxiety when they get stuck.

This is a free workshop, however it is limited to 30 students.

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  • When: Sat Feb. 24
    1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

  • Address: 6849 Old Dominion Drive
    McLean VA,US 22101

  • Web: Visit Website