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In my years of service to Higher Achievement, I have learned a few things about mentoring. The biggest of those lessons is that effectivelly servicing youth is a skill like any other, and to become better at it you have to constanting be prefecting your craft.

In that spirit, each year Higher Achievement welcomes mentors and mentoring organizations from across the area to learn best practices from leading organizations in youth service. I would like to invite each of you to share in that learning. The Mentor In-service is open to the public and we welcome anyone looking to prefect their skills in youth development.

I hope to see you there!

Chris Perkins

[email protected]

Senior Manager of Volunteer Management and Development

Higher Achievement

Check out the list of trainings below and RSVP quickly, as space is more limited now.

In-Service Details:
Marie Reed Middle School
February 21st


6:20-6:25pm Welcome

6:30- 7:45pm: Workshop sessions (Sessions will be 30 minutes each)

1. Understanding the Middle School Brain and Redirecting Difficult Behavior:
Understanding the logic of a 12 year old is perhaps the hardest AND most useful tool a mentor can have. Kids do not think like adults and understanding exactly where they are developmentally can be a huge tool in helping to manage students during difficult moments.
-- Stephanie Holzinger, Higher Achievement DC Metro

2. Every Day Counts for Student Achievement:
Missing just 1 or 2 days a month can make students chronically absent and put students at risk of academic failure. In this session we will review barriers to attendance and practice activities and conversations that keep your mentees in school and in your program.
--Katrina Ballard and Aurora Steinle, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education

3. Making The Most Of Reading Out Loud:
Reading aloud is a critical component of every literature lesson. In this training, you will learn best practices for making each minute of the Tutor Read Aloud count!
-- Erika Brosnihan, Reading Partners

4. Elements of Effective Mentoring: Recruitment
For the second year in a row, Higher Achievement has managed to recruit all of the more than 400 mentors that it needs before its program started. In this session we will review MENTOR’s Elements of Effective mentoring and learn the best practices we use to consistently have a well-planned and effective recruitment season every year.
-- Stephen Demarais, Higher Achievement- National

5. Management As A Tool for Success:
The ability to manage a classroom is key to successful mentoring. Attendees will learn from teacher and instructional coach Antoinette Smith how to use management as a tool to get more teaching done. The session will share tips for management through activities.
-- Antoinette Smith, Urban Teachers

6. Cultural Competency: Creating Culturally Competent Spaces
Often times as volunteers we work with students who do not have the same cultural experiences or world view as we do. This lesson stresses the importance of understanding the cultural lenses that others have, learning to not impose our views on them, and allowing youth to feel empowered through their experiences
-- Chris Perkins, Higher Achievement- DC Metro

7. Meeting Scholars Where They Are: Making Curriculum Fit Your Students’ Needs:
Working in academic programs means you will eventually be given a curriculum or activity that may be on your student’s grade level but is of no interest to them. There is no avoiding this. It becomes our job to bring that curriculum to life for our students. This session will explore ways you can prep to make even the most boring curriculum interesting to your group.

--Morgan McCrory and Catherine Cunha, Higher Achievement- DC Metro

7:45- 8:15pm Best Practice Fair

We will end the night with the Best Practice Fair. Learn from fellow mentors and presenters great lesson openers/relationship building, incentives/discipline, making lessons fun, and other tips and resources.

  • When: Wed Feb. 21
    6:15 pm - 8:15 pm

  • Address: 2201 18th St NW,
    Washington DC,US 20009

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