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Are you looking to strengthen your persuasive writing skills? This workshop will help you improve your communications to donors, volunteers, and other key stakeholders. It is designed for nonprofit professionals of all experience levels – and all the learning is fun and interactive — so you’ll walk away with a new way of thinking and concrete skills to communicate the cause you care about most effectively with others.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the Why, How, What communication framework;

  • Learn about the dramatic code and why storytelling is so effective; and

  • Practice using both of these frameworks when soliciting funders, individual donors, and volunteers

This training is ideal for anyone in a development or communications department, or a volunteer engagement team, who has to ask potential supporters to give their time or money. It is also helpful for grant writers or program staff responsible for collecting stories of impact or quotes from participants. Finally, any nonprofit leader who wants to get more comfortable asking others to support their nonprofit could benefit.

Hear from Our Past Attendees:

"When I first began training with Elevate, I had little experience conveying the message of my organization effectively to those that might be interested. With their step-by-step process and group activities, I was able to hone my professional skills in an environment that was both welcoming and educational. I highly recommend Elevate’s trainings to anyone who is looking to learn new skills, or improve old ones, in ways that will be a benefit to both their own professional development, as well the organizations which they serve. I highly enjoyed the experience and look forward to taking another course with Alayna in the near future."
-Richard Thomson, World Technology Evaluation Center

"Elevate's training completely changed the way I think about communicating with donors. With hands on training, I was able to craft a message for my non profit that we are going to use in our annual appeal and in materials for donors. This year our annual appeal tells our non-profit's story, and I would have not been able to effectively communicate that story without the training I received from Elevate."
- Megan Piluk, CityDance, Inc.

About Elevate

Elevate is a growing grant writing firm based in DC with a staff of nearly 50, and we work with nonprofit organizations both in DC and around the country to help them build and maintain strong grant programs. We form in-depth partnerships with our nonprofit clients to make life easier for their leaders, improve their program outcomes, and build more sustainable organizations.

  • When: Tue Feb. 13
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  • Address: 2424 18 Street Northwest
    Washington DC,US 20009

  • Web: Visit Website