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At Zuccardi Valle de Uco, when it comes to producing world class Argentine wine, they take their job seriously. Their philosophy is simple. As Jose Zuccardi puts it, "The word 'family' is central to the way in which we have always run our business. This means that many of the families, such as the Morenos and the Vegas, who joined the Company in my father's day, are still with us today caring for the vineyards and we now have a permanent workforce of over 450 people. To guarantee the quality of our Zuccardi Valle de Uco brand, we believe in using people rather than machines whenever possible." Workers at Zuccardi Valle de Uco are employed year-round and the winery provides subsidized health care and free education to all its workers. There are several distinct lines under the Zuccardi brand available in the US: Zuccardi Serie A, Zuccardi Q, Emma, Tito, Concreto, Zeta, Aluvional, Vinos de Fincas.

Wine Menu

Zuccardi, Mendoza Malbec Q (2014)

Zuccardi, Q Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon (2014)

Zuccardi, Torrontés Serie A (2016)

Zuccardi, Malbec Concreto (2016)

Zuccardi, Valle de Uco Tito (2014)

Zuccardi, Mendoza Malbec José (2013)

Zuccardi, La Consulta Malbec Aluvional (2013)

Zuccardi, Malbec Aluvional Altamira (2012)

What you'll learn:

- Basic differences between the preparation and tasting of each wine;

- Which wines to enjoy with your favorite foods;

- How to tell the characteristics of the wines;

- How to decipher the terms of "mellow", "dry", "oaky", and "tannic";

- and all the answers to your wine-related questions!

What to expect:

- A tasting-pour of each wine;

- Standing room only;

- Casual tasting format paced at your tasting speed;

- Guests welcome to arrive anytime between the advertised start and finish times.

Suggested attire:

- Casual or post-work


- Approximately 30 minutes.

Note: Tickets offered at the door for walk-ins at $20.00.

  • When: Sun Feb. 4
    4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

  • Address: 1522 14th St NW
    Washington DC,US 20005

  • Web: Visit Website