Event Details

Please RSVP here so we can have an accurate count. March to the Polls Washington D.C. 2018

Please refer to our website for more information including buses and links to these buses. Our Speakers are also listed on the website.

Website: www.MarchDC.com

Women’s March on Washington 2018

Washington, D.C.: On January 20, 2018, women and allies will once again take to the streets of the nation’s capitol to make a powerful statement to the current administration and the rest of the world. In a follow-up to the largest demonstration in U.S. history, people from across the country will meet at the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial at 11a.m. where March Forward Virginia (formerly the Women’s March on Washington-Virginia Chapter) will host a rally showcasing several speakers followed by a march on the White House.

March On The Polls, the Anniversary to the 2017 Women's March, exists to advance peaceful and positive progress in communities across the country, with the goal of ensuring all women and their allies persist in civic and political roles moving into 2018. This past year featured an historic number of women engaging in the political process – including running for office – and it is vital that women and their allies continue to take an active role in 2018 and all future elections.

The unifying theme of the movement is: When we vote, we win. When we stay engaged, we win. When we support each other, we win!

March On The Polls D.C. is part of the national Women's March larger #WeekendOfWomen, with sister marches being planned in 30+ cities and localities all across the country. From the streets of Chicago, to Columbus, and Memphis, all across this nation women and allies will once again mobilize to stand together in solidarity and action! You can find other marches across the country at www.marchonthepolls.org


Who is March Forward Virginia? Are you with the national Women's March Group?
March Forward Virginia (MFVA) was formerly known as the Women's March on Washington-Virginia Chapter. We were the VA state organizers for the 2017 women's march and MFVA is the group that has continued the message and spirit of that historic day. We are still collaborating with the national Women's March organization and this march can be found on their website, along with 30+ other women's marches planned for the weekend of Jan 20-21 2018.

Do you have a permit?
Yes, we secured a permit for the rally and the march

Where will we meet?
We will be meeting at the reflecting pool facing the Lincoln Memorial. Speakers and a stage will be on the steps of the memorial

What is the march route?
We will not be releasing details of the march route until closer to the day.

What is the agenda?
We will have speakers and performers start the program at 11am. Once they are done, roughly around 1pm, we will begin our march on the White House.

Can I bring a poster/sign?
YES! Just make sure that there are no metal or wood posts to hold it up. Cardboard only please.

What can I not bring?
Tripods, Chairs, tables. This is the policy of NPS, not ours but we must follow it.