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An immersive, sensual soirée inspired by Romanticism and Bohemians of 19th century Paris.

We invite you to a night where standard conventions and behaviors are thrown out the door, where everyone is an artist, and is free to be whoever they wish.

Have you ever wanted to escape, to get lost in a foreign land, take a new name, and indulge in the exotic?

For one night we will put on the most exotic outfits and dance with our eyes closed, paint our flesh as though it were a canvass, drip hot wax onto a living sculpture, lay on Persian rugs and lounge on bedouin throw pillows.

Boudoir Boheme is a night of immersive performances, interactive art installations, live music, dancing, and intimate interactions: careful, you might get whisked away by one of our artists to reveal your innermost desires…Join in intimate rituals, mischief, mirth, and luxuriate in a luscious atmosphere complete with all the characters from your most colorful dreams…

This is a night like you’ve never experienced before. Throw all social mores out the window and dance with a total stranger. Act like an artist from French Bohemia. Wear a mask and take a new name. Become your alter ego. Travel across oceans without ever having to leave…

Immersive Performances
Shibari Rope Bondage Demonstration
Shibari Rope Swing Installation
Hot Wax Play Stations
Kidnappings and Intimate One-on-One Interactions
Roaming Spankers
Sensual Rituals
Massage Station
VIP Pillow Lounge
Live Musical Performances
Roaming Performances Throughout the Night

More details to come...

Dress code strictly enforced: Black tie (Tuxedo with Bowtie) or thematic costume for gentlemen; lingerie, thematic costume or evening wear for ladies.

Must be 21+ to enter.

The address of the venue will be sent to you via email on Saturday, Feb. 10 before 3:00 p.m.

You will be required to sign a liability waiver before entering the venue. We reserve the right to deny entry and issue a refund if we believe you are not a suitable participant. You will be denied entry without a refund if you don't observe our dress code, and will be asked to leave if you behave improperly inside the venue.

No cameras are allowed inside the venue. You may take cell phone pictures of yourself only. If you wish to photograph other people, you must first obtain their express consent. Please respect everyone's desire for privacy.


Boudoir Bohéme provides a safe space where people can play and explore their sensuality without pressure or fear of being judged. Our number one goal is the participants' safety, which is why we have the Consent Rule. If you want to get friendly and touch someone, ask first. Obtain the other person's express consent before establishing any type of physical contact.

By the same token, if someone violates the Consent Rule, or in any way makes you feel uncomfortable, let them know your boundaries and ask them to stop. If that doesn't work, let us know so we may immediately address the situation. We have zero tolerance for improper behavior at Boudoir Bohéme.

All ticket sales are final.

  • When: Sat Feb. 10 - 9:00 pm
    Sun Feb. 11 3:00 am

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