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No one becomes an elected official on their own. But successful Members of Congress don’t just rely on their top-notch staff, healthy donor support, or an on-the-ball communications team. Come hear from Congress’ secret weapons – the spouses and families of our elected officials.The partners, siblings, and children of our Representatives in Washington, DC all make impactful decisions to help and support their congressional families and take on the mantle of public service. Alongside their roles as breadwinners, as educators, and homemakers, they often find themselves taking on outsized roles in the campaigns of their politically engaged family members. Come join us on February 1st for a bipartisan panel discussion on life in the public eye and meet both current and former Members of Congress, and the partners who’ve shared their family members with the nation.

Presented in partnership with the National Archives.

Panelists Includes:

The Hon. Don Manzullo and Mrs. Freda Manzullo

The Hon. Russ Carnahan and Judge Debra Carnahan
(D-MO, 2005-2013)

Dr. Lara Brown, Director of the Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University

  • When: Thu Feb. 1
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  • Address: 700 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
    Washington DC,US 20408

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