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The Promise of Process Data: Implications for Educational Assessments

When examinees respond to test questions, their final answers provide important information about their knowledge, skills and competencies — all of which we are interested in measuring. However, these final responses do not tell us how the examinees came up with their answers, the steps they followed or how they engaged with the test questions.

In digital assessments, process data, which includes clicks, pauses, and corrections, allows us to better understand what examinees know and can do, and also potentially to provide educators with more actionable information about their students. However, it also raises questions about how this information can be used in the most effective and meaningful ways: How can we appropriately interpret such complex behavioral data? Will gathering process data change the very behavior we are attempting to capture?

In this presentation, Kadriye Ercikan, Vice President of Psychometrics, Statistics and Data Sciences at Educational Testing Service, will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of process data in educational assessments and the implications of using such data with regard to education policy

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