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The State of Innovation (SOI) is an ongoing event series focused on the people, businesses, trends, and topics that are shaping the city's tech community and economy. Throughout the year, we host several niche SOI meetups that are designed to spotlight an individual category, company, or theme.

At our May State of Innovation meetup, we'll dive into growing and scaling startups. Every entrepreneur is focused on growth, on getting their startup from 0 to 100. And because so much time, energy and resources go into that pursuit of getting off the ground, it can be difficult to sometimes look beyond that intial success to sustaining growth. How do you leverage, manage, and navigate that initial burst of growth to get to 65 and then to 70 and then to 90 and so on and so on?

On Thursday, May 17 at WeWork, we'll be hosting our From the Bottom to Now We're Here meetup, with a panel dicussion around startup growth. Growth is exciting, but it also ushers in new challenges and obstacles. The panel featuring founders, CEOs, and VPs that have recently experienced and maneuvered explosive growth. They'll talk about shared challenges, how they overcame them, and some of the lessons they're still learning.

Also, preceding the panel will be a "Pitch Showcase," a series of 4-5 minutes presentations from industry experts that will address specific growth-stage pain points, such as staffing, real estate, and fundraising, as well as offer tips on how to tackle them.


Shahier Rahman, Partnership Specialist, General Assembly


Michael Avon, Founder and CEO, ICX Media

Andrea Fletcher, Lead Data Strategist, Cooper/Smith

Dan Berger, Founder and CEO, Social Tables

Craig Zingerline, Director of Growth, Upside Travel

Swamy Ramaswamy, Founder and CTO, Sandboxx


Mission Collaborative


Wingate Hughes

WeWork Labs

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  • When: Thu May. 17
    5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

  • Address: 1875 Connecticut Ave NW
    Washington DC,US 22209

  • Web: Visit Website