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Community Pool Service


Our program comprises four different levels of group swim lessons starting from lessons for non-swimmers to lessons for advanced swimmers. Our aim is to teach your children how to swim in a fun but very educational way.

Swim Lesson Levels and Descriptions:

Level I: GuppiesThis level focuses on children learning to be both comfortable and safe in the water. The introduction to basic skills includes students putting their faces in the water (blowing bubbles) and getting their hair wet. Both kicking and moving their arms will be included. Having fun is imperative at this level to reassure students’ interest in swimming. Minimum age limit is 3 years. We recommend this class for any children who have never taken swim lessons no matter what age they may be.

Level II: Minnows– The objective at this level is to teach the fundamental skills needed to start swimming. Some of these skills include arm movement, floating without support, kicking (kickboards will be used at this level), and breath control. At this level children will most likely be able to swim in short spurts at a water level where they can stand. Stream lining is another important objective at this level. Teaching the children to push off the wall is a vital step in continuous swimming.

Level III: Fish– At this level, building on what has been previously learned is vital. Increasing the child’s coordination and awareness of various strokes is the goal. They are comfortable in the water, but need to be introduced to technique. The introduction of freestyle swimming and backstroke will be the focus of your lessons. Diving will also be introduced at this time if the pool depth allows.

Level IV: Sharks– This class is fully capable to swimming, but needs to be refined in strokes and endurance in the water. At this level the perfection of diving (if applicable) and the introduction to more advanced skills such as the butterfly stroke will be taught to the class.


$80 for eight forty five minute sessions

Classes will meet four times per week for two weeks, 45 minutes each. Parents are not permitted in the water with their children during the lesson.

Classes are scheduled Monday – Thursday, with Fridays serving as make-up days. If the swimming pool is closed due to weather there will be class on Friday.


  1. There must be a minimum of three students in order to hold a group lesson. Lessons that have less than three will be placed in another class if available.
  2. Class schedules are permanent. If you are not able to attend all 8 lessons please register your child(ren) for a more suitable class. Missed days will not be made up.
  3. Classes will not be held in inclement weather.
  4. Need to be Cameron Station residents and have a valid pool pass in order to participate.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

- A refund will be given (minus a 25% handling fee) and must be requested by the second class.

- No make-up classes or credits will be provided for missed classes.

- We reserve the right to cancel any class that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements. Cancelled classes will be refunded in full.

7668 Standish Place Suite C, Rockville, MD, 20855 * 301 948 2400 * www.communitypools.com

  • When: Mon Jul. 30 - 8:00 am
    Thu Aug. 9 8:45 am

  • Address: 200 Cameron Station Blvd
    Alexandria VA,US 22304

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