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Join 1000+ VIP Cannabis Connoisseurs!

*Text "Bayside" to 760-670-3130* to recieve the exclusive menu!

Welcome! We have DC's largest selection of top-shelf flower, potent vaporizers, delicious wax, and flavorful edibles (as well as a few other goodies like moonrocks, prerolls, CBD, etc.)

As a VIP Cannabis Connoisseur, you'll receive the SECRET MENU, PRODUCT ALERTS, and DISCOUNTS

*Text "Bayside" to 760-670-3130*

Important Information:

You must be 21+ with a valid photo ID

You do not have to be a DC resident.

You DO NOT have to have a medical card

Disclaimer: All Cannabis products are distributed in accordance with DC's Initiative-71. No cannabis is for sale. No donations accepted. Do not consume and operate machinery. Consume at your own risk. We will not assumne any liability for any issues.

*Text "Bayside" to 760-670-3130*

  • When: Monday, Aug. 6 - 3:00 pm
    Tuesday, Aug. 7 12:00 am

  • Web: Visit Website