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Join us on Thursday evening for a screening of the short film The Loving Generation and the feature film How Jack Became Black. Following the screening we will have a conversation with Anna Holmes, author and filmmaker; Eli Steele, filmmaker, How Jack Became Black; and Lacy Schwartz, filmmaker, The Loving Generation.

About The Loving Generation, Part 1
In 1967, the Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia overturned all laws outlawing interracial marriage. The four-part documentary, The Loving Generation tells the story of a generation of Americans born to one black and one white parent and provides a fascinating window into the borderland between “blackness” and “whiteness.” We will screen the first episode which addresses the question: What box do you check on the census form and why?

About How Jack Became Black | Man of Steel Productions
This groundbreaking documentary opens simply: a multiracial father is stunned when his mixed race son is denied enrollment to an elementary school for refusing to check a “race box.” Why did race matter so much? To find out, the father takes an uncharted journey across America where he confronts and exposes identity politics. The result is an emotional, unbiased look at race that Adam Carolla called “eye-opening.”

  • When: Thu Jul. 19
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Address: 701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington DC,US 20004

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