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Join us for a screening of the latest WETA-TV 26 film in the Washington Series, Washington in the 90’s. A discussion immediately follows the film. The film is a great link to the museum’s current exhibition, A Right to the City, which explores the history of neighborhood change in the nation’s capital. With a focus on a diverse range of neighborhoods across the city, the exhibition tells the story of how ordinary Washingtonians have helped shape and reshape their neighborhoods in extraordinary ways—through the fight for quality public education, for healthy and green communities, for equitable transit and equitable development, and for a genuinely democratic approach to city planning. Be sure to view the exhibition and record your own memories of growing up in or around Washington, DC as you exit the exhibition.

The 1990s were a formative time for Washington, D.C., arguably the focal point for the dramatic social and cultural changes occurring in the U.S. and the world during the decade. WETA TV 26 examines the stories of the city at the end of the 20th century in this 60-minute special. Through archival footage and original interviews, journey through the major events, people and places that allowed Greater Washington to transition from a city of crisis, to a city of opportunity.

Washington in the ‘90s is the latest documentary in a series produced by WETA TV 26, exploring Greater Washington from decade to decade, part of WETA’s continuing mission to produce television that serves our community. Carrying on the tradition of WETA documentaries Washington in the ‘60s, Washington in the ‘70s and Washington in the ‘80s, the program chronicles the seminal local events of the decade through the recollections of those who saw and shaped them. Washington in the ‘90s features the highs, lows, and everything in-between taking viewers back to a time not long ago, yet which now seems a world away.

Refreshments are provided.

This program is a collaboration with WETA-TV 26.

Community Partner: Anacostia Coordinating Council

  • When: Wed Aug. 1
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm

  • Address: 1901 Fort Place SE
    Washington DC,US 20020

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