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Got (or still want to learn more about) essential oils. NOW what?


Discover the myriad of ways you can use your essential oils.

I am over-the-moon to be bringing you this FREE Continuing Education series!

July 3 - Prerequisite Class (or 1:1 with Beth): Natural Solutions class. Pain? Sleep challenges? Feel bloated? Discover Solutions. Topics Covered: Sleep, Self Care, Boosting Your Immune System, Clear Breathing, Digestion and a Healthy Gut, Muscles and Joints, Mood Management, and so much more! Learn 3 cool things about essential oils, 3 ways we use essential oils, and have an opportunity to hear other people's oils stories and try at least the top 10 essential oils.

July 10 - Healthy Air: How To Increase the Quality of the Air You're Breathing in Your Home. Discover two of the most toxic products in your home and the best (and most fun) alternatives.

July 17 - Healthy Skin from Top to Toe – Simple, Effective and Natural Approaches to Having that Glow. . Discover the top 3 internal + the most powerful external secrets to looking years younger. You don't have to exchange your beauty for your health.

July 24 - Healthy Rest: How to Have a Higher Quality of Sleep. Discover my favorite tools for promoting better rest. Take away a bedtime routine or an evening ritual that you can go home and implement right away to help you fall asleep faster, sleep peacefully through the night, and wake up more rested.

July 31 - Healthy Digestion: How To Promote Better Digestion. Discover some great tools that you can use to help promote good digestion and assimilation of nutrients + a daily smoothie recipe.

August 7 - Healthy While Traveling: The Essential Oils + Other Tools I Travel With. Its not worth it to me to travel and feel bad. Discover the essential oils and other tools that make me feel great, every day - so I travel with them. Don't compromise on your health and feeling awesome while you travel. You don't have to.

August 14 - Healthy Babies and Kiddos

August 21 - Healthy Emotions: How to Influence Your Mood. Are you unhappy with what you're doing? Are you experiencing overwhelm? Are you lonely? Discover tools that you can use to help you cope with overwhelm, resentment, anger, guilt, grief and other negative emotions so that you can switch gears.

August 28 - Healthy Immune System: How to Keep Your Immune System Humming Throughout the Winter

It’s a fantastic series and you will definitely be empowered!


Come to as many classes as you'd like, completely FREE of charge. *Sign up for each class you'll be attending.*

Come to ALL 8 classes, receive a Certificate of Completion. If you miss a class, don't worry... You can make it up the next time the series runs, if you'd like to get your certificate of completion.

We will have a graduation celebration out on Thursday, August 30, 2018, evening.

*If you haven't attended the Natural Solutions / Essential Oils 101 class (or one-on-one) with me, don't worry... Simply text 202-285-8191 and let me know, and we'll schedule a time to get that out of the way.*

We only have space for 20 attendees per class. Once we have 20 people registered, we are closing registration. So don't wait.

Please register to make sure I have enough product and handouts for you and to hold your spot in these classes.

I can hardly wait to see you in class,

Beth Lindley

  • When: Tue Aug. 14
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  • Address: 1325 W Street Northwest
    Washington DC,US 20009

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