Event Details

A fun, confidential, and intensive 90-minute workshop which will equip you to present to your supervisors, peers, or wider groups within your organization - whether it is a pitch for an idea among a small group, a PowerPoint presentation, or a speech.

1. Planning your appearance: scripting or note-writing, storytelling

2. Your Message - how to craft a pitch, speech, or presentation

3. How to speak with conviction and confidence

4. How to remember your main points

5. Confidence-building tips, and dealing with anxiety

6. Body posture - how to stand, use a microphone, move around

7. The use of podium, gadgets, and screens

8. How to engage the audience and sustain their attention

9. Getting your message across, and leaving the audience wanting to know more

You will leave with all the materials presented at the session, and the option of further personal training.

  • When: Thu Aug. 16
    2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Address: 718 7th Street Northwest
    Washington DC,US 20001

  • Web: Visit Website