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You will learn;

  • How I started real estate Investment with zero Dollars and grew it to Multi Million dollar business in Africa.

  • 7 Quick Ways to Make Money Work for You ;

  • Trade options to leverage on Trade options you can be part of.

  • How to Flip Real estate Real assets .

  • 12 Businesses you can do with little or zero capital and grow to millions. How I started one of these Busineses with 10dollars and made over 500,000usd in 2015 in this business.

  • How to surround yourself with quality people to help grow your investment portfolio.

  • Professional growth is personal.

  • Learn How to reach your business goals while creating more joy in your life.

  • how to take Your Real Estate Investing Career to The Next Level.

Also you will learn The 5 Ingredients for Success in Real Estate.

  1. 14 Sources of Money to Fund Your Investments

  2. Developing the Mindset of the Rich

  3. Locating Deals in the "Hidden Market"

  4. Creating Multiple Sources of Cash Flow

  5. How to use other people's money to grow your real estate business.

You will have access to buy at a discounted price, "The Tool Kit for Wealth Success":

1)The Multiple Sources of Income from Real Estate Investments

2) Buy & Sell to Create Cash

3) Buy & Hold to Create Wealth

4)Putting Your Business on the Path to Profits

5)Setting Up a Power Team to Help You Succeed

And So Much More!

Too many people spend money they earn..to buy things they don't want..to impress people that they don't like. --Will Rogers

We have 2 type of time investors; those who invest time and those who spend time . Check the date I am coming to your city, My question for you is this, what will you be doing with your time? Investing it or spending(wasting) it, I believe I have just given you an opportunity to invest your time well. See you soon in your City!

Below is the itenerary;

Maryland Wednesday 1st August

First session 5pm & second session 7pm.


Dallas; Friday 13th July 2018 first session 3pm second session 6pm

Houston ; Sunday 15th 3pm first session 6pm second session.

Minnesota Saturday 28th June 3pm First Session and 6pm Second Session.

Nebraska Tuesday 31st July 2018. Time; 5pm

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  • When: Sun Aug. 19
    11:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Address: 8777 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD, 20910, United States
    Maryland Maryland,US 20910

  • Web: Visit Website