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Ever wonder what GPS, the Zika vaccine and Siri all have in common? All were technologies that were initially funded by the U.S. Government before being spun out to industry. Each year Government spends $140 billion+ on research and development that creates many novel technologies that could be breakthrough new ventures.

One-half of America’s economic growth can be attributed to scientific and technological innovation, and 22 percent of America’s top innovations (as reflected by studies of previous winners of R&D Magazine’s R&D 100 innovation awards) come from companies that received SBIR grants at some point in their history (citation).

You can be a part of this!!

Come out if:

  • You have a technology you’re creating that you think could be a business,
  • You’re interested in joining a startup team to create a business model around a new technology
  • Basic research or entrepreneurship interests you for any reason at all

What to expect:

  • Hear from some DC-area R&D-based startup founders who took the journey from lab to market.
  • Discuss current trends in tech commercialization: which kinds of tech seem to transfer well, how to tell if you might be working on a technology that could make it in the private sector.
  • Learn about resources and community networks available to tech R&D startup teams including: SBIRs, grants, DC-based skills-building networks, and angel groups.
  • Network with community members with the goal of figuring out how to partner to bring more tech to the market.
  • Determine the next steps you can take to partner to bring original research to market.

This event invites those who are DOING the research: lab researchers, science students, and tech developers to come out and hear from some of those who have commercialized the tech they’ve been working on.

The event also targets the DC-area hustlers, who are perhaps more known for designing customer experiences, thinking like a customer and creating sales channels. If you’ve been wanting to start your next business, or looking for a business partner, and want to learn more about how technology transfer could be a next career move for you, then come on out!

The event is co-sponsored by Fed Tech, Startup Leadership Program and the NCRC.

About the co-sponsoring organizations:

National Community Reinvestment Coalition, (NCRC, www.ncrc.org) is a national membership, non-profit organization that is in the business of creating economic justice for the disadvantaged in the USA. NCRC creates opportunities for disadvantaged people to build wealth by working with community leaders, policymakers, businesses and financial institutions. NCRC champions fairness in banking, lending, housing, and business. Year round, they offer one-on-one consultative services and workshops, and have been very useful to existing companies and those who are just starting up. Consider NCRC as a free resource to support your growth or to help you start your business.

FedTech (www.fedtech.io) is a private venture program, funded by federal agencies, that connects entrepreneurs to technologies developed across DoD, NASA, DOE and other laboratories. They run multiple cohorts per year where successful applicants are paired with lab partners/inventors to serve as founders. Teams work closely with teaching and mentor teams and are taken through modules on lean startup, business models, product development, customer discovery, intellectual property and licensing, funding strategies for spinning out R&D, pitch skills, and more. Applications for the fall cohort (Tuesdays, Sept-Nov) are being accepted until August 15; you can apply at www.fedtech.io

The Startup Leadership Program (SLP, www.startupleadership.com) is a selective 6-month training program and lifetime network for high-potential founders and innovators. The program is a nonprofit, taking no equity from the founders, and takes place each year in 27 cities (in 12 countries) concurrently. Past SLP Fellows have founded more than 1,000 companies and raised over $450 million. The DC chapter of SLP holds classes every other Monday evening over the course of 6 months, October-April in downtown DC, and they focus on learning alongside entrepreneurial leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and angel investors in the DC startup community. (More information about the program here; and apply here by July 31: https://www.f6s.com/slpdc201819/apply)

  • When: Wednesday, Aug. 1 - 9:30 pm
    Thursday, Aug. 2 12:00 am

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