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Science Comedy night is back with an all-star cast of science comedians, writers, and singers traveling from California to North Carolina! Come listen to why birds are cool, a parody song about exoplanets, the science of withdoctors, and more!

This show also received special support by the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The performers:

Brian Malow is Earth’s Premier Science Comedian (self-proclaimed). He has performed for NSF, AAAS, JPL, NIST, ACS, AGU – and many other acronyms. Brian has produced science videos for Time Magazine and the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, and he has contributed to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio. He gives workshops and presentations to train scientists to become better speakers. He’s been featured on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, co-hosted shows on The Weather Channel, and been profiled in Nature, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. Brian worked in science communications at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, and blogged for Scientific American. He is currently freelancing as a speaker, performer, consultant, writer, producer, and whatnot. Available for off-world appearances, if trans­portation is provided.

Elizabeth Landau is an award-winning science communicator living in Pasadena, California. At NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory she writes, edits and produces multimedia for websites as "senior storyteller." Liz holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Princeton University and a master’s in journalism from Columbia University. In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano and composing funny songs.

Erik Vance is an award-winning science journalist based in Baltimore. His work focuses on the human element of science – the people who do it, those who benefit from it, and those who do not. He has written for The New York Times, Nature, Scientific American, Harper’s, National Geographic, and a number of other local and national outlets. His first book, Suggestible You, published by National Geographic, is about how the mind and body continually twist and shape our realities. While researching the book he was poked, prodded, burned, electrocuted, hypnotized and even cursed by a witchdoctor, all in the name of science.

Kasha Patel is is a stand-up comedienne, writer, and on-screen personality who focuses her jokes on her life as an Indian-American in the U.S and science. The founder of “DC Science Comedy,” she produces one of the nation’s only regularly occurring science shows where only science jokes, stories, songs, and bits are allowed. She has been featured in The Washington Post, hosted a mini series on NASA TV, and appeared on the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum.”

  • When: Fri Oct. 12
    8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

  • Address: 1523 22nd Street Northwest
    Washington DC,US 20037

  • Web: Visit Website