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The InfraGard Workshop is an “invitation only” event. Workshop attendees are welcome to register for the Summit also (see below for the link).


Agenda for InfraGard Workshop December 6 -- as of 11/26/18

8:30 Arrival

8:45 Welcome and Plans for the Workshop

Mary Lasky, Chair EMP SIG, Gary Gardner, Chairman, InfraGard National

9:00 Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs (Accepted)

9:30 Ambassador James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence, and Major David Stuckenberg will discuss the 2018 Air University Electromagnetic Defense Task Force Report (Spartacus) (Accepted)

10:30 Panel by Utilities with Christian Whiton, senior fellow for strategy and public diplomacy at the Center for the National Interest, moderator (Accepted)

Jonathon Monken, PJM (Accepted)

BG&E – (Accepted)

Don Schumacher, Connecticut Water Company (Accepted)

Joseph McClelland, Director, Office of Electric Infrastructure Security, FERC (Invited)

11:00 Ambassador Hank Cooper, former Director, Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, will discuss the Lake Wylie Pilot Study to assure the distribution of Duke Energy generated electricity through hardened infrastructure of other utility and CoOp companies to assure viable hospital and related operations. (Accepted)

11:30 BSX Communication System and EMP Testing – Chris Beck, Chief Scientist and Vice President for Policy, EIS Council (Accepted )

12:00 Congressman Doug Lamborn, Chair of the Congressional EMP Caucus (Accepted)

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Microgrids at a Critical Point – Dr. George Baker, Director Foundation for Resilient Societies (Accepted)

2:00 Cybersecurity panel – Dr. Richard Marshall, former Director of DHS Cyber Security, and George Cotter, former Chief Scientist for NSA (Accepted)

2:30 Break

2:45 Modeling Financial Benefits of Renewable Energy Operability during Grid Outages and Benefits for Resilience – Nick Laws from National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) (Accepted); and Juan Torres, Associate Director, NREL (Accepted)

3:15 Update on Powering Through Vr 2.0 – The Authors

Steve Bieber, David Christensen, Bruce Churchill, Ed Goldberg, Greg Hertz, Richard Krieg, Jim LeBlanc, Chuck Nettleship, Janet Thomas, David Winks

4:00 Discussion Topics

Communication and Education – David Winks

MicroGrids Hardening -- George Baker

Cyber reporting and recovery – Steve Volandt

Ideal Legislation -- Mary Lasky

Cost Recovery – Bill Harris

4:45 General Discussion

5:00 Closing Remarks – Lasky

Please also register for the EMP SIG Summit on December 7th and help us remember Pearl Harbor Day and being prepared in 2018.


  • When: Thu Dec. 6
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm

  • Address: East Capitol St Ne And 1st St NE
    Washington, DC ,US 20004

  • Web: Visit Website