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We are delighted to invite you to an advance screening and fundraiser for Unconditional Care, a new documentary that tells the inspiring story of how Muslim Americans are closing the healthcare gap through free clinics for the uninsured.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers Jake Lewis and Matt Colaciello and clinic volunteers. We hope you can attend and contribute to the national distribution and promotion of Unconditional Care as a model for community engagement and civic responsibility.

The Muslim doctors and volunteers at this free clinic are healing more than just their patients. They're healing a community.

The Film

Unconditional Care is a documentary about the Muslim American Social Services Clinic (MASS), the volunteers who run it, and the uninsured patients whose lives they change.

Faisal Sayed MASS Clinic

The Clinic

Across the United States, American Muslim communities have established free clinics staffed by volunteer doctors that increase access to care and exemplify the values of their faith. Unconditional Care highlights this national movement through the story of one clinic and the community it serves. The Muslim American Social Services (MASS) Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida has served over 7,000 patients. Anyone who does not have insurance and whose income is below the federal poverty line can receive free care at the clinic. Patients represent a cross section of America's uninsured—every race and religion, citizens and non-citizens, young and old.

Muslim Free Clinics

The National Study

The filmmakers have partnered with researchers from Boston and Harvard Universities to conduct the first comprehensive, nationwide study of Muslim-run free healthcare clinics. Their research will shed light on the national movement of Muslim Americans working to increase access to care in their communities. The study will provide quantitative context to the stories included in Unconditional Care.

Muslim Free Clinics


Set to release in spring 2019, Unconditional Care will inspire students, medical professionals, policymakers, and people of all faiths to advocate and collaborate on behalf of their uninsured, impoverished, and underrepresented fellow citizens. As such, our team will work with campus organizations, faith communities, and healthcare professionals to show the film, catalyze conversation, and embolden advocacy.

Unconditional Care movie

  • When: Thu Dec. 6
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

  • Address: 1240 9th Street
    Washington DC,US 20001

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