5 Needed Skills in Managing a Hotel

Hotel managers have many responsibilities and are relied upon by owners to maintain profitability. If you’re considering pursuing this field, given the constantly increasing competition which you’ll be expected to surpass in performance, attending a hotel management college is a good idea.

It’s important the program you choose provides you with the essential skills. While there are many useful competencies, five areas of expertise are essential to achieving success in this field.

Hotel managers will often be faced with listening to staff, vendors and guests simultaneously. Negative consequences may result if you don’t hear what each individual is trying to communicate. When staff needs to obtain clarification about a task, failing to provide appropriate information, will damage rapport and decrease job satisfaction.

Guests will expect to have your undivided attention and if they believe your focus is elsewhere when speaking to you, they may feel you don’t care about their needs. This can harm the hotel’s reputation, since the greatest source of new patrons is referrals from those who stayed previously.

As a manager, you must be aware of employee responsibilities in each department to provide instructions in an encouraging manner. Additionally, you’ll need to be capable of switching communication styles when moving from interactions with staff to those with guests. Communication with customers should leave a positive impression encouraging them to return. This will also model such skills for employees enabling them to interact similarly with guests.

Attention to Detail
Successful hotels must be run according to the highest standards. Sanitary conditions must be upheld in rooms, restaurants/bars and all public areas. The facility and grounds should be inspected regularly for anything broken or worn, which should be quickly repaired. The appearance of all public and private areas should be appealing to the eye. Random health inspection ratings and customer reviews are available online for the public to examine, so paying close attention to even the most minor details is critical.

Problem Solving
Hotel managers must be able to solve unanticipated problems as they arise even when under stress. This is especially important when customers complain to communicate that their needs and comfort are priorities and any problems will be corrected quickly and efficiently.

Time- management skills enable you to handle the numerous responsibilities in hotel management. The ability to prioritize activities to accomplish the most important tasks first and training experienced employees to carry out specific tasks so you can delegate when necessary will help you make the most of your time.

Each hotel management college differs in curriculum so ensure the one you attend makes you an expert in these five skills to maximize your success in the field.

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