5 Reasons Why Urban College Campuses Rock

Living in the city while going to school, or even commuting, can provide you with everything you can ever hope for in a college campus: great food, friendly citizens, and an almost endless list of inexpensive and exciting activities to experience on a day-to-day basis.

You'll never regret choosing the city life over a rural or suburban campus, as some of the best of life's treasures can be found in abundance in vibrant cities like Chicago. Here are simply some of the best reasons to attend college in Chi-town:

  • In a city as artistically and culturally varied as any, you'll discover the largest showcases of music, film and other forms of art, meaning creative freedom is highly encouraged. Every month there are festivals or shows to attend that both inspire and promote a healthy, welcoming environment.
  • Interested in everything culinary? Chicago is known for its seemingly infinite selection of food from just about every stretch of land in the world, giving you the opportunity to gain the motivation to taste it all at the venues or in attendance at the Taste of Chicago, an annual festival bringing the city's best chefs together.
  • Safety is certainly nothing to worry about if you are aware of all that's around you. In the heart of metropolitan Chicago, law enforcement and campus security is always on patrol, and by not walking alone late at night and following other common sense guidelines you're likely to find Chicago to be one of the most comfortable cities to navigate. Worrying about the city's crime should not be on your list of things to do, especially with convenient transportation on the CTA's bus and famous "L" train systems.
  • Chicago is experiencing an enormous burst in business opportunities as it's become one of the most prominent business centers in the country. This makes it one of the best places to both study and practice business. The Federal Plaza is always bustling with activity and in fact the entire city is always welcoming to those looking to fly up to the top.
  • Environmental consciousness is certainly not lacking when attending college in Chicago, as you'll discover plant life is always thriving in designated parks, and even the innermost streets and alleys are well-maintained. Visit the expansive and lively Grant Park, or explore the world famous Millennium Park for a clean, pleasant setting where you can enjoy festival after festival or just enjoy a day out.

Going to college in Chicago is a more than enjoyable experience for thousands of college students every year. Everything from the most beautiful of art to the best in business can be explored, and this city is always looking for fresh faces to influence its overwhelmingly optimistic future.

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