Best Careers for Managers in Washington DC

Washington DC is one of the most vibrant and interesting places to live and work in the United States.  The federal, district and private sector institutions and businesses offer an unusual variety of career opportunities. Having a masters in management means you can explore several different types of positions available in different areas all over the city.

Just because you have an education in management, you shouldn't assume that you won't find a good position working in one of the Washington D.C. schools. Schools have been struggling to get by on increasingly smaller budgets and have realized that they need to operate more like a business, which means they're in need of a person with a good sense of management, a solid understanding of education, and who knows how to handle finances. The great thing about working in one of Washington D.C.'s private or public school systems is that it often offers more secure employment than the private sector.

There are real estate companies that own multiple properties, either commercial or residential, who hire business managers to oversee these properties. Although each real estate company has its own expectations of what the manager will do, the bulk of your responsibility will include finding new tenets, writing leases, collecting rents, managing finances, managing vendors, and making sure each rental property is properly maintained.  While real estate markets can be volatile, managing assets is always necessary.

If you have a the background in science and have acquired the necessary management skills you will want to consider a career in one of the science based industries. During your average work day, you will be working closely with scientists.  The scope of your activities may involve quality control, activities coordination, publicity, supply chain management, organization, and production. The great thing about working as a natural sciences manager in Washington D.C. may be that a large part of your work day may be spent in the laboratory and you might even get a chance to do some hands on work.

Washington D.C. is a city that's constantly changing and evolving. There are several building and construction companies are actively searching for skilled architectural and engineering managers to help ensure that every single project goes smoothly and finishes on time and on budget. In addition to financial issues, and making sure all of the building permits have been obtained, you should also plan on helping research and develop future projects. 

Several federal emergency response services are headquartered in Washington D.C. The ability to operate well while under intense pressure means that you will be exactly the kind of person theses organizations are looking for in a manager. In order to succeed in this position you need to be organized, have the ability to coordinate with community emergency organizations, be able to think outside the box, and have a knack for fundraising. Depending on the organization you work for you should plan on helping with evacuations, shelter creation, creating assistance programs. 

If you're like most people who have earned a degree it's likely that you have spent at least a portion of your life working in the food service industry. There are plenty of opportunities for you to use both your experience and your degree to get a job in the Food service management field. Washington D.C. has lots of different restaurants that need qualified and dedicated managers. You can choose to manage the day to day running of a posh restaurant, or opt to work for a chain which could lead to a position as a regional supervisor.

There are lots of great opportunities in Washington D.C. You simply have to decide what type of manager you want to be, and what profession will hold your attention for several years.

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