Culinary Programs-A Beginner's Guide

If you love to cook or just love being in the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen you may want to check out culinary programs to turn that passion into a rewarding career. You could refine your skills to become the master chef you have always dreamed of, learn to run a kitchen and handle a staff. A Culinary School can give you both the education and hands on experience you need to land the job you desire.

When you begin to research culinary programs you will learn that there are three types of workers in a kitchen and most likely you will preform the rolls of each one on your quest to become a chef. The low man on the totem pole is the Food Prep Worker. They make sure everything is cleaned and chopped and ready to go. A Food Prep Worker is very essential in making a kitchen run smoothly. The second layer are the cooks. The cooks prepare the basic menu items. There are generally many cooks working in a kitchen as each one works on certain areas of food. 

You will learn more about the different kitchen workers and areas as you check out culinary programs. Performing the tasks of each kitchen working will help give you a better understanding of what each one does and what it takes to perform each task. This prepares you for the role as a chef. Knowing each role in a kitchen allows a chef to accurately place each cook or food prep worker where they will be most useful and able to utilize their skills. As a chef you will be responsible for creating new recipes for the menu and cooking specialty items. You will learn how to judge the amount of food and place orders daily and weekly to provide the freshest ingredients. 

Another Culinary School option is a Pastry Chef. With the same overall duties of a Chef, a pastry chef is in charge of making those sinfully delicious desserts. From the most decadent Creme Brulee to that creamiest cheesecake, a pastry chef will make the perfect blend of exotic and common ingredients to keep the taste buds hopping.

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