Organized Playroom Equals Happy Mom

Organized Playroom Equals Happy Mom
Many moms complain that their children’s playroom look like a place where a tornado just ripped through every time their children leave. Children are generally very messy and it is not surprising that it is so hard to keep their playroom neat and organized. All the same, there are some savvy tips you can put to use to help get the children’s playroom a bit more organized.

Focus on accessibility
One of main causes of the mess in the playroom is the process the child goes through while trying to reach the toy that they want to play with. Where you are using a one large toy box for instance, the child will most likely dump all the toys on the floor as they search for the one they want. Having the toys put away in one box will also destroy many of them, causing them to break into pieces that are hazardous to the children.

While arranging the playroom make it easy for the child to access each toy that they may want to play with. This could even mean reducing the number of toys; chances are the child does not play with all of them anyway.

Make organizing fun
Instead of having organizing appear as a bothersome, boring task that the child hates, you can make it a fun process which they will enjoy. This could be as simple as color coding the toys and asking the child to arrange them back according to their colors after they are done. This process is good for developing the child’s mind as well.

Another way to make the child enjoy organizing is to have a storage container for each type of toy. Label them appropriately to help the child know which toy goes where. If the child is too young to read you can have pictures on the labels instead of words. It is very simple to do this, simply have a colored label printer and print as many labels as you will require for the storage containers. Involve the child in drawing the pictures on the labels to help them identify with them more.

Have an activity table
Have a table in the playroom where the child can draw or play with their dolls and other such toys. This will help them concentrate the play in one location meaning that even if they will not put the toys away after playing with them, they will not be scattered all over making it easy for you to put them back.

Getting your child’s playroom to become more organized is very possible; try these great tips out today!

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